Great Books:

Reading and Discussing the Great Authors


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"All great writers are great readers."


Literature feeds our minds and imaginations, and it gives us the opportunity to experience masterful writing from the greatest authors in human history.

The Great Books class is all about reading and discussing literature. We read, narrate, discuss open-ended questions, and collect passages that resonate with us in our Commonplace notebooks.

The Great Books List can be different for each small group that applies! Below is an example of books and poetry we've used before.


Early Modern Era Great Books List

(Example from Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)


1. Henry V, William Shakespeare (1602), Oxford School

2. Gulliver’s Travels,Jonathan Swift, (1726)Wordsworth Classics

3. The American Reader, 2nd Rev. Ed. Diane Ravitch, ed.(2000)

     TheMayflower Compact (1620)

     A Demand to Limit Search and Seizure, James Otis (1761)

     Liberty and Knowledge, John Adams (1765)

     Poor Richard's Almanac,Benjamin Franklin (1771)

     Common Sense, The American Crisis,Thomas Paine (1776)

     The Declaration of Independence (1776)

     Farewell Address, George Washington, (1796)

4. Pride and Prejudice,Jane Austen, (1813)

5. Poetry: Early Modern Era Book List (see below)

6. Commonplace notebook (What is a Commonplace Book?)

7. A history encyclopedia (Kingfisher History Encyclopedia) and/or history timeline book





Poetry: Early Modern Era


Book List:


100 Best-Loved Poems. Philip Steele, ed. Dover Thrift edition. 100 BLP

The Holy Bible,King James Version

The American Reader, 2nd Rev. Edition, Diane Ravitch, ed. TAR

Poetry Foundation website for some class handouts.




1 Isaiah 40, John 1, Psalm 23, I Corinthians 13,The Holy Bible, King James Version (1611)

2. “Death be not proud”, “Batter My Heart”, John Donne (1609) 100 BLP

3. Essay on Man,Alexander Pope(1734)Poetry Foundation

4. Phyllis Wheatley, “On Virtue”, (1766), “To His Excellency General Washington” (1775)

5. Robert Burns, “A Red, Red Rose”, “To a Mouse” (1794) 100 BLP

6. William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much with Us” (1802) 100 BLP

7. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Kubla Khan” (1797/1816), 100 BLP; “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (1798/1834) Poetry Foundation

8. Francis Scott Key, “The Star-Spangled Banner” (1814). TAR

9. John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn” (1819) 100 BLP



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Great Books: Reading and Discussing the Great Authors



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