Small Group Lessons


Small Group Lessons are for families who want to work together to make their children's education more enriching and affordable. Small Groups consist of 3-8 students that meet 1-3 times a week and are hosted by one of the participating families. Small Group Lesson rates are based on students' age group and families are charged seperately on a monthly basis.


How to Start a Small Group


  1. Choose one or more courses you want to apply for.
  2.  Invite other families who might be interested! Your group needs at least 3 participating students who are old enough for the selected course(s). Note: If your family has 3 students who are close in age, you can apply as a small group!
  3. Before anyone applies, read the terms of agreement, agree on available meeting times, and decide who will host the group in their home. (Small Groups for Ages 14-17 can meet online.)
  4. Each family must fill out a Small Group Lesson Application and email it to
  5. Once every application is approved, students and parents will sign the terms of agreement, and the teacher and parents will have a meeting to finalize the schedule and course matierial.
  6.  Small Group Lessons begin on the date set by the teacher and families!




The Student Virtues

Love       Humility       Patience       Constancy       Perseverance       Temperance