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I am a local teacher based in the Northwest Houston area and my goal is to help more people experience real, living education. Right now there is a great need for teachers who can lead students to become better people, and to do that we must offer students the kind of learning that is

personal, student-focused, and life-giving.


I offer In-Home classes and private Tutoring online and in-person.

Take a look at the Classes page to learn more about what I am teaching.



The In-Home Class Model


In-Home classes are hosted by a participating student’s family. When students sign up and form a class, one of the families will volunteer to host that class every week in their home. The hosting family will coordinate with the other families and choose when the class will meet based on the available times sent out by the teacher. This In-Home class model allows the host to save time traveling and promotes an atmosphere of learning that is welcoming and productive. For their hospitality, hosting families will receive an additional 10% off of their student’s tuition.


Current Classes


Finding outside classes for your high school students is challenging!

These classes can rescue your student from listless lectures and lead them to lively discussions and clearer thinking. 


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    The Student Virtues

    Love       Humility       Patience       Constancy       Perseverance       Temperance